What Businesses Benefit the Most from a Blog?

What Businesses Benefit the Most from a Blog?

Not everyone has time in their day to take an hour to write on a blog. In some cases, a blog is not a viable option for a business owner and is simply not a good use of their time. However, for some businesses, a blog makes a world of a difference in their online marketing presence.

So, what types of businesses and industries benefit the most from a blog?

Attorneys & Law Firms

In any industry where a lot changes over time, it’s important to write about it. This is largely the case for law firms dealing with a variety of different types of legalities. From business law to personal injury and family law, state and local laws are constantly changing. It’s important for these business owners to disclose these changes to visitors of their website on a frequent basis.

For one business attorney group in Colorado, blogging was a game changer.

“As soon as we started writing more about the legal services we offer, we saw our visits jump up and have acquired clients tracked back to our blog posts. In law you need fresh content and a blog is a must.” – Jan Cleveland, Scheid Cleveland LLC

Like this firm, you have the potential to receive visits to blog content and may even convert visitors into clients.

Real Estate

Real estate is another industry that is always change. Listings come and go rather frequently, and it’s important for agents to talk about their featured listings via a blog. There are also different rules and regulations that affect real estate for local areas, and this information should be discussed on a blog as well. For instance, there are several new HOA laws in the state of California that require an HOA elections inspector to help vote board members in. If you’re a potential home buyer looking for homes governed by an HOA, this would be a great topic to read on a real estate agent’s blog.

Try to think outside of real estate too. Maybe you could blog about community events, farmer’s markets, sports in the area, etc.


Without question, anyone running a local news site is actively running a blog. Most news websites are in and of themselves a blog, frequently updated by a number of contributors. If you own a news-oriented website, be sure to be writing often on the topics your audience want to see. Consider expanding the topics on your blog to cover a variety of topics and remember to post in a timely fashion so readers find your content first.

Digital Products

Lastly on this list is any business that sells products and services digitally. Because you can connect a reader directly to a product or service offering on a website, it’s vital to be able to blog about those products and/or services. Digital products could mean a variety of things like online courses, coaching classes, marketing products like SEO, etc. And because these topics change so frequently, it’s important to keep readers updated often.

The major difference in digital products from the other business types mentioned here is that the competition is quite a bit tougher. Anyone can sell a digital good online and anyone can write about it. It’s imperative for you to differentiate your products and services, write great content about them and keep readers coming back to your blog with fresh content.

Getting Started

If you fit into any of these businesses and industries, but you’re not blogging, it’s time to start. The internet isn’t slowing down and online content isn’t going anywhere. Start a blog on a WordPress site and begin writing about what you know best. You’ll be surprised what the outcome will be and you’ll likely see new visitors turn into customers.

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