Timeless Design: George Nelson

Timeless Design: George Nelson

As a renowned name in the world of modern furniture and lighting, George Nelson‘s designs from the 1950s continue to sparkle and shine in homes all over the world today. He’s known for such prolific fixtures like his Bubble Lamp collection, as well as mid-century modern furnishings including the infamous Ball Clock.

Here are a few favorites from George Nelson we’re still appreciating today:

Pear Bubble Pendant

As part of the Nelson Bubble Lamps (made available today through furniture giant Herman Miller), the Pear Bubble Pendant is mid-century lighting at its best. This particular pendant light has been found in countless movies and TV shows and finds its home in any retro-themed household. Try it for your kitchen, in the dining room or on display in the living room.

Tripod Clock

Simple yet unique is the Tripod Clock from George Nelson. This quaint little desktop clock serves the fundamental purpose of telling you the time, however, it does so in a very fashionable manner. Consider it for your bedside table, sitting atop the mantle for all to see or as part of your office’s decoration. Much like the Pear Bubble Pendant above, you’ll find this clock screams out loud with a retro personality.

Ball Clock

We couldn’t list out favorites of George Nelson without this classic wall clock design. As a prime example of the aesthetic captured by the design of the 1950s, this clock radiates with retro appeal. Not only is it a stunning ornament that can find its home anywhere in yours, it’s also a conversation piece among friends and family. Consider the Ball Clock for your own space or gift it to a friend in need of a really good design.

Saucer Bubble Pendant

Last, but definitely not least noticeable in the collection is the Saucer Bubble Pendant from George Nelson. Easily one of the most iconic fixtures found in decorative lighting design, the Saucer Bubble Pendant is yet another mid-century masterpiece you’ll want for your home. Following the same look and feel as other fixtures in the Bubble Lamp collection, this renowned pendant offers a Saucer-like shape that stands out anywhere it is placed. Like the Pear Bubble Pendant, Saucer has been used in many movies, TV shows and the like.

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