How Google Updates Affect Your Website

How Google Updates Affect Your Website

As most SEO professionals are aware, Google occasionally releases algorithm updates that change the way pages appear in search results. These updates are always geared toward a better user experience for users of Google, but they can sometimes leave website owners frustrated if they fail to comply with Google’s webmaster guidelines.

This month, bloggers caught wind of two major updates from Google: the June Core Algorithm Update and the Page Experience Update

June Core Algorithm Update

A few times a year, the engineers at Google will release what’s called a broad core algorithm update. This update fundamentally shifts results in Google and looks at a number of different factors. For example, the last core update happened in December of 2020 and was specifically aimed at sites with content that can affect a person’s life. This type of content comes from medical, law and financial related websites where the information needs to be credible to be shown in Google results. Google is very keen to issues with fake news and doesn’t want to show websites with questionable advice.

The update happening in June is slated to address a number of issues in search results, but doesn’t pinpoint one thing or another. It’s important for webmasters and bloggers to keep an eye on their traffic and rankings in the coming weeks to know if they have been hit with this update.

Page Experience Update

Known more casually as the Core Web Vitals update, this update is currently rolling out from Google. The Page Experience update looks to address slow websites and those with broken layouts. Google wants to show websites with great experiences in its search results and is now rewarding those with fast load speed and minimal layout problems. This update was first announced in 2020 and has been looming for some time. It was initially planned to roll out in May, then Google pushed it back to June.

Again, website owners will need to pay careful attention to their performance in Google to know if they have been affected by the update. If you are aware of your website being slow or having issues with certain layouts, you’ll need to address it right away to maintain visibility in search results.

Should You Panic?

Whenever Google announces an update, it sends people into a panic. It’s important to remember that most of Google’s algorithm updates are targeted toward sites doing questionable things. This could include misinformation and fake news, link schemes, duplicate (plagiarized) content, etc. If you’re free of these things, you’ll likely be okay with any of Google’s bigger updates.

As for the Core Web Vitals update, this is something to be very cognizant of. If your website hasn’t been updated in a few years, you’re likely going to see a loss of traffic from this update. You should plan to update your website every 2-3 years as technology, web browsers and mobile devices change frequently.

If you’re concerned about how your website is doing with these updates, consider hiring an SEO agency to review all of your traffic and rankings. In most cases, a consultant will uncover other areas of opportunity that can help grow your website’s traffic.


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