5 Tips for Starting a Blog

5 Tips for Starting a Blog

A blog is a space for you to talk about anything you want to. It may be personal, business or whatever you want to come up with. However, you should consider a purpose for any blog you start and try to get an idea of how you will want website visitors to interact with your blog.

Here are 5 tips you should consider when starting a blog:

1. Use a Trusted Blogging Platform

There are a lot of website content management systems available on the internet today. These content management systems range from WordPress to Joomla to Wix to Squarespace. While some are easy to get started with, they will have limitations down the road. If you plan to grow your blog beyond a certain number of visitors, you’ll want the freedom that a custom content management system can offer you. It’s important to note that platforms like GoDaddy’s site builder or Wix have page limits too. If you plan to blog a lot, you will run into a stop sign at some point.

2. Be Thorough In Your Blog Posts

If you plan to sit down and write about something, try to cover the topic as thoroughly as possible. Not only is full topic coverage good for your readers, but it is also expected by Google. Try to take a single topic and break it into as many subtopics as possible. As long as it makes sense, you can continue writing content your readers will enjoy. Be varied in your blog posts as well. This means you can expand into a number of categories and even subcategories. If it’s a topic you truly understand, blog about it.

3. Remember to Keep SEO A Priority

One of the top ways to grow blog traffic is through search engine optimization (SEO). This is how pages show up in Google and where they rank. If you blog about noteworthy topics and things you know people will want to read, you’ll start to see a lot of organic (natural search) traffic. It’s important to make sure your blog is set up for SEO success and operates well with title tags, descriptions, image data and content discoverability. If Google, Bing and other search engines can’t find your website, you’ll have a lot of difficulty showing up in search results. If anything, you may consider hiring an SEO specialist to review your blog’s set up. A one-time review could do great things for the success of your blog.

4. Use Images & Videos

In addition to text content, a great way to engage your readers is to use compelling forms of media. This means you should be using high quality images, video content (even if it’s hosted on YouTube) and infographics (if it applies to your article). These types of media are easy to engage with and are much more friendly than a large block of text. While the text is important for search engines to understand the page, having compelling content for your readers should be more important.

5. Using Tracking & Analytics

How can you know how successful your blog is unless you are tracking it through an analytics application? Tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics allow bloggers to know who is visiting their website, from where and what content they are reading. Once you know what your audience likes to read, you can continue to create more content for that specific need. Additionally, tracking your blog will allow you know where you can grow and scale blogging efforts.

Other Considerations

Stick with these 5 ideas if you are just starting a blog. If you’re intermediate with blogging, you probably already know these tips. However, it’s always good to have a reminder. Once you get the ball rolling with blogging, the next step is to turn it into an inbound marketing machine and monetize it through advertising.

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